High satisfaction from parents show Welsh schools are on the right track

3 July 2017

Wales’s largest teachers union has welcomed public backing for the education sector in Wales.  NUT Cymru said the results of the National Survey for Wales confirmed that schools continue to be held in high regard by parents with direct experience of them.  The survey showed that 62% of people in Wales are very satisfied with their child's primary school. A further 27% fairly satisfied.  50% of people in Wales are very satisfied with their child's secondary school. A further 32% fairly satisfied.

NUT Cymru Secretary, David Evans, said:

“This is very encouraging and positive feedback from parents.  To have an 89% satisfaction rating from parents of primary school pupils and an 82% satisfaction rating at secondary level is pretty remarkable.  It goes to show that when people consider their own child’s school their experiences are largely positive and they respect and acknowledge the dedication they see take place within the school system on a daily basis.

“It is really important to see such support for schools as we know those schools with strong links and relationships with parents are the ones that succeed most.  For any pupil to succeed there has to be support from parents and guardians.  Teachers have a hugely influential role to play in building the foundation for learning, but children spend more time outside the classroom than in it and so it is critical that learning experiences continue outside the school gate.”