Survey results put workload reform at heart of education agenda

5 April 2017

The largest union for teachers in Wales has said the results of the first annual teachers survey should be the springboard to action of key issues of concern for the education sector, specifically on workload concerns.  NUT Cymru say their calls for the establishment of the survey have been justified and commended Kirsty Williams AM for implementing it upon becoming the Cabinet Secretary for Education.

NUT Cymru Secretary, David Evans, said:

"The Cabinet Secretary deserves credit for launching this survey.  It has been something the NUT has campaigned to be introduced for some time and the results justify our standpoint.  What we have now is the concrete evidence that supports the host of anecdotal views we have been articulating for many years.

"That workload has been identified by 78% of school teachers as an issue is one concern, that such a significant proportion (88.3%) stated they can’t cope with existing workload demands is quite another.  This certainly has wide reaching implications for the long-term recruitment and retention of teachers.  Clearly action is needed and as a matter of some urgency

"The 50+ hours a week being put in by teachers is simply not sustainable, which is highlighted by the fact a third of the profession are intending to leave the profession in the next 3 years."

Notes to Editor:

A copy of the report can be found here