Wales needs fair funding: you get out what you put in

22 February 2016

Adequate funding for Welsh schools has to be a priority for whoever forms the next Welsh Government according to the largest teaching union for qualified teachers in Wales. NUT Cymru have used their manifesto to call on the politicians seeking to form the Welsh Government after the election to secure a fair funding settlement for Wales and to channel resources into, at present, underfunded areas of education.

The union has made a series of recommendations around funding issues which it argues can, and will, make the biggest difference in terms of allowing schools to ensure pupils reach their full potential. These include.

  • The Welsh Government should continue to campaign for a fair funding settlement from Westminster.
  • The new Welsh Government should make education spending a high priority
  • The Welsh Government should detail a five year plan of school funding (with a guarantee of no in-year cuts) with the target of significantly reducing the funding gap compared with England by 2020.
  • The Welsh Government should work with the Westminster Government to produce a per pupil spending comparison between England and Wales.
  • The Welsh Government should invest in school buildings. Pupils should have the right to be taught in modern buildings which are asbestos free.

NUT Wales Secretary, David Evans, said:

“We should make no apologies for making education spending a central theme of this election. School budgets have been stretched to breaking point and it is having a direct impact on the ability of teachers to support their pupils. As well as historic underfunding, which has seen Welsh pupils receive hundreds upon hundreds of pounds less in resources than their English counterparts; we have recently seen school spending fall for the first time in a decade, exacerbating the problem further still.

“NUT Cymru have put forward some much needed and constructive policies that are aimed at ensuring Welsh children are no longer short-changed. We want to provide the right resources for schools in order that teachers can properly be allowed to do the jobs they so passionately care about.”