Wales needs a vision for success

7 March 2016

Wales’s largest union for qualified teachers have called on the next Welsh Government to ensure that there is a clear vision for education. As part of the central theme of their manifesto NUT Cymru are arguing that there must be a consistent approach to education across the sector, building on the work undertaken by the Donaldson review.

Some of the recommendations made by NUT Cymru include:

  • The Welsh Government should examine the pressure it puts on children through annual testing, beginning with the removal of tests for the youngest pupils.
  • Teachers’ training should be aligned to the curriculum review to embed the skills of curriculum design and planning.
  • Teachers must be given the time and space to develop the curriculum.
  • The Welsh Government should demonstrate its commitment to the creation and promotion of Welsh specific qualifications, respected within and beyond Wales.

NUT Cymru Secretary, David Evans, said:

“NUT Cymru believes children should be able to become confident, independent, creative and inquisitive learners. Education should not be about narrow, data driven targets but rather a place for pupils to develop in all aspects of their lives. We want to see high levels of social, cultural and emotional development as well as academic success.

“During the last Assembly term, the Welsh Government commissioned and published the Donaldson Review of the Welsh curriculum. This review echoed much of what the NUT has been saying for some time. We must do away with short-term and quick-fix approaches. We need a more child-centric approach to education that puts the individual learner at the heart of the process. That’s the sort of thinking behind the recommendations we have made about having a consistent vision for education from the next Welsh Government. Teachers need to know that there is a clear approach which will not be changed due to any knee jerk reactions after just a few months or years.”