NUT Cymru comment on Minister’s speech

6 February 2015

Wales’ largest union for qualified teachers have welcomed the Education Minister’s invitation for the teaching profession to work with him and the Welsh Government on curriculum development. NUT Cymru said the call was a positive recognition that future developments around the curriculum had to be led by classroom experts.

NUT General Secretary, Christine Blower, said:

“We welcome this invitation from the Education Minister. It is very positive that Huw Lewis AM is recognising the depth of knowledge and expertise that teachers in Wales have and wishes to tap into that resource. Ultimately it is teachers who will be teaching the new curriculum so it makes perfect sense to work with the profession to develop it. No doubt that will create a stronger basis for the curriculum as well as a greater sense of ownership for it from the profession.

“The Minister should be praised for his willingness to look to establish a cooperative approach to policy development between the Welsh Government and the teaching profession, which is in contrast to how curriculum changes have been developed in England.”

NUT Wales Secretary, David Evans, said:

“It is absolutely correct that the teaching profession are central to the future of curriculum development. In recent years we have seen far too many initiatives imposed on teachers without their input. In many cases these policies have proved disastrous. It is therefore encouraging that the Minister is seeking that sector wide collaboration that Professor Donaldson has spoken about so often.”

On the issue of continued professional development David Evans added:

“While the devil in the detail around some of these proposals is still to be worked through it is good to hear the Minister talking so openly about the need to support the profession. We can’t keep expecting teachers to react to new policies without the access to training.”