A Trade Union Recognition Agreement between the NUT, other unions and E-ACT was signed in 2009. We have also reached agreement on some policies and procedures. Unfortunately that has not always been possible and in some cases E-ACT has decided to implement the policies without agreement. The new E-ACT Employment Manual – imposed from September 2015 without agreement – is a case in point.


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E-ACT National Recognition Agreement

This agreement is the national recognition between E-ACT and the trade unions.

Working in E-ACT Academies – February 2017

This guidance document gives a brief overview of employment in E-ACT operated academies. It sets out information about:

  • E-ACT and its academy programme
  • The national trade union recognition agreement
  • Pay and conditions of service
  • Employment policies and procedures

Employment Policies in E-ACT academies

In September 2015 E-ACT implemented its Employment Manual across all its academies.  The Manual was imposed without agreement with the trade unions.  The unions have now secured improvements to a number of the policies contained within the Manual including pay, appraisal, capability, disciplinary, maternity, adoption, parental and shared parental leave and alcohol and substance abuse policies. The unions have not agreed E-ACT’s sickness management policy.

Recently agreed E-ACT policies

The NEU has now agreed the following E-ACT policies which have either remained unchanged or have been improved compared with their previous (agreed) versions. All three policies are being implemented with effect from September 2018

E-ACT teacher pay policy

E-ACT teacher appraisal policy

E-ACT capability Policy

Other E-ACT policies agreed with the unions

Policies not agreed with the unions

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