This section includes links to the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) and the Burgundy Book, the two main sources of conditions of service for teachers. Teachers who are employed by a local authority or by the governing body of a foundation or voluntary aided school are covered by STPCD and Burgundy Book conditions, as are many teachers working in academies.

Workload and appraisal are a vital part of the Union’s Stand Up for Education campaign.


School Teachers' Pay and Conditions 2015

This document contains provisions relating to the statutory conditions of employment of school teachers in England and Wales.

Maternity Matters

Maternity Matters aims to explain, as simply as possible, the various maternity and parental rights available to all teachers, whether full or part time.

Conditions of Service for School Teachers (the Burgundy Book)

Conditions of Service for School Teachers (the Burgundy Book)

This revised edition of the conditions of service for school teachers in England and Wales ("the Burgundy Book") takes into account developments in national conditions of employment and changes to the legislative framework for the employment of school teachers.

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