The Government has sought to undermine the national pay system by ending fixed pay scales, imposing PRP on all teachers and giving schools ever-increasing powers over pay. The NUT believes that all of this will create much greater inequality and discrimination in teachers’ pay. The Union continues to work to ensure that school pay policies are fair, transparent and protect teachers’ pay entitlements. Advice and guidance to this effect is set out below. There is also a suite of documents on teachers' pay in the Self-Help A-Z section of the website.


School Teachers' Pay 2017-2018

School Teachers' Pay 2017-2018

Joint advice from the NUT and other unions on school teachers' pay from September 2017 is available here. It advises that the percentage uplift recommended by the STRB to the minima and maxima of the ranges (2% for the Main Pay Range and 1% for other pay and allowance ranges) should apply to all teachers within the relevant range.  The advice is endorsed by ASCL, ATL, NAHT, UCAC and Voice as well as NUT.

Read the NUT's evidence and supplementary evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) which calls for the Review Body to recommend a significant increase in teacher pay levels in the light of the current evidence on teacher pay, teacher supply and teacher morale.

The STRB report was published on 10 July. It recommended a 1% uplift to the minima and maxima of all pay ranges and allowances other than the main pay range, where a 2% uplift to the minimum and maximum was recommended. You can see the NUT response to the announcement here. A joint union response to the STRB report, produced by NUT, ATL, ASCL, NAHT, UCAC and Voice is also available by clicking here.

NEU Pay Progression Toolkit 2017/18

The NEU pay progression toolkit is a set of eight advice documents for NEU members and NEU representatives intended to help teachers secure pay progression, by taking collective action to resist pay policies which would reduce rates of pay progression or by pursuing and winning appeals against decisions that individual teachers should not progress. 

Pay Progression In 2016: NUT/ATL Survey Report, February 2017

Pay Progression In 2016: NUT/ATL Survey Report, February 2017

This joint ATL/NUT member survey investigates pay progression decisions for September 2016 and teachers’ views on the impact and fairness of the new performance related pay framework. This survey attracted 13,000 responses making it the largest available survey on pay progression. The findings show that NUT/ATL fears about cuts in pay progression and about potential bias and discrimination appear to be justified.

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