As a result of our campaign, the government and Ofsted have produced a video about some of the activity around marking, data collection and lesson planning that Ofsted don’t want to see, and that your head should not ask you for. Watch the video, and then share it with your colleagues.

Hard-hitting DfE workload guidance - make sure it's acted upon in your school.

Teacher workload is at unprecedented levels. The most recent DfE teacher workload survey showed teachers working on average 54.4 hours a week. We are losing far too many good teachers. An exhausted, dispirited teacher is not what children or parents want or deserve.

The NUT’s campaign to make the Government lift the pressures on teachers and schools is beginning to secure some outcomes. Far too little is still being done, however, to reform the high stakes accountability system that is the root cause of excessive workload.

While the NUT continues to press for decisive Government action to reduce the demands on teachers, it’s important that teachers themselves also take the steps available to them to bring about improvements at school level, particularly by acting collectively.

Take action on workload with our step to step guide.

NEU survey on teachers workload

This report sets out the views of 8,173 teachers on their workload, as expressed to an NEU survey conducted in late 2017. It covers the impact of workload on teachers’ work-life balance, the things which teachers regard as the main drivers of that workload, the effectiveness of Government and school initiatives to reduce workload pressures, and more effective steps which teachers think could be taken to improve the situation.

Download the report.

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