Independent Teacher Workload Review Group Reports

The Independent Teacher Workload Review Groups were established by the DfE to report on and suggest solutions to unnecessary burdens associated with marking, planning and data management.

Their March 2016 reports, available here: planning and resources, marking policy and data management are well researched and argued and in many respects pull no punches in debunking myths, highlighting Government failures and setting out what must change. The recommendations were accepted in full by the Government and must be implemented by school leaders in consultation with teachers. These reports all reference the Ofsted Inspections: myths , published following NUT pressure, which clearly sets out what Ofsted does not expect to see in relation to planning, marking and data management.

This NEU summary of the three reports sets out what teachers should now expect to happen. It quotes the most powerful recommendations and criticisms in each report so that members and reps can use them to effect change in their schools.

The DfE has published a poster and leaflet with key recommendations for change which should be followed in all schools.

See also NUT guidance on reasonable marking arrangements for teachers.

Where senior leaders refuse to engage with the recommendations set out in the reports, please see NEU Tackling Workload Together, which contains advice on how to address these, and many other, workload concerns.