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Teachers' Appraisal

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Teachers' Appraisal

Teachers' Appraisal

Tools for achieving acceptable appraisal arrangements in your school – including guidance, model policies and an appraisal policy checklist – can be found below.

Check your school policies

An NUT classroom observation protocol and appraisal checklist, together with a ‘Learning Walks’ Model Policy can be found here:

We have asked school reps to look at your school policy. If it doesn't comply with the appraisal checklist, we will ask heads to change the policy. If they don't, we will support members in action to win changes.

Setting of objectives guidance

NUT guidance has been produced to assist in securing fair and reasonable objectives as part of the appraisal process. It focuses on securing objectives that are fit for purpose, limited in number and subject to consultation. It also addresses the relationship between objectives and pay progression.

See also the joint NUT/ATL guidance on protecting teachers against denial of pay progression arising from failing to meet appraisal objectives linked to KS2 SATS results

Impact of KS2 SATS results on appraisal objectives

This guidance has been jointly published by ATL and NUT in order to help protect teachers against denial of pay progression on the basis of failing to meet appraisal objectives linked to KS2 SATs results; and secure appropriate objectives for future years.

Teachers’ Standards (England)

New Teachers’ Standards for schools in England came into force in September 2012. The Government says the Standards must be used as part of the appraisal system in England but applied inappropriately they could be hugely damaging to teachers. This leaflet gives advice on the risks of inappropriate implementation and provides a protocol to adopt in your workplace. The DfE has produced a myths and fact document on the Teachers' Standards which clarifies some common misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Joint union appraisal policy

The NUT have agreed with the ATL and NAHT a joint appraisal policy for schools. To find out more click here.

Information on professional standards that apply to teachers in Wales, including the Practising Teacher Standards, can be found here.

Welsh Government Performance Management Guidance

The Welsh Government has published guidance on the implementation of appraisal arrangements in Wales.


NUT guidance on capability can be found here.

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