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Please let us know your equality characteristics

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Please let us know your equality characteristics

Please let us know your equality characteristics

Please let us know your equality characteristics

What is equality monitoring?

Equality monitoring is what organisations do when they want to know which ‘protected characteristics’ people in the organisation have.

What are protected characteristics?

Protected characteristics include age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. Everyone has protected characteristics.

Why does the NUT want to know what my protected characteristics are?

Black teachers experience racism in the education system. We know for instance that Black teachers have less access to promotion and leadership roles and are also disadvantaged in relation to pay progression. By letting us know that you’re a Black teacher, we can

  • Find out from you what it’s like to be a Black teacher and how national and local policies make it easier or harder for you to become or remain a teacher;

  • Share Black teachers’ experiences with policy makers;

  • Organise the Union’s structures to better suit your needs;

  • Invite you to Union events we believe you would be interested in attending;

  • Involve you in campaigns and activities that will have a positive impact on your working life; and

  • Ensure you don’t miss the chance to vote in the Black member constituency seat elections for the National Executive.

So what do I do next?

Simply check and update your details here. You can follow our quick-step-guide.

Where can I find out more?

Read more about the equality characteristics that we monitor. For information on security, see our Data Protection statement here. As well as helping us to target appropriate materials to you, the data will feed into anonymous statistical reports which help us identify barriers to participation in our structures. Information that you provide us will remain strictly confidential.

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