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Every child deserves the best

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Every child deserves the best

Every child deserves the best

…because every child deserves the best.

The real problems facing our education system:

Find out more about our campaigns on pay, workload, funding and primary assessment.

Any responsible Government would be dealing with these, not spending to make every school into an academy, grammar or secondary modern.

Instead of dealing with the teacher recruitment problem, the Government is increasing the number of unqualified teachers.

Instead of dealing with the problems in primary school assessment, the Government is refusing to listen to teachers, head teachers or parents and wants to impose the same damaging test regime again.

The NUT: the effective Union

The NUT’s July strike put school funding, academisation and teachers’ conditions, on the political agenda. It also led the Government to delay plans on a new funding formula. We will be launching a major campaign for extra school funding in coming weeks.

Under union pressure, led by the NUT, Nicky Morgan retreated on forced academisation, putting the programme in doubt.

Expanding grammar schools was opposed by both Liberal Democrat and Labour conferences. There was even substantial opposition in the Conservative party. We are working with others to keep up the momentum.

Listen to parents and teachers

We say it’s time for the Government and all political parties to listen to parents and to teachers. It’s time for all of us to Stand Up For Education.

Save our Schools t–shirt

Save our Schools t-shirtSupport the campaign for investment in education with this 100% organic cotton t–shirt designed by Katharine Hamnett. Made in an ethically accredited wind–powered factory. For every t–shirt sold, £4 will be donated to support the work of the Steve Sinnott Foundation who do fantastic work on supporting access to learning worldwide.

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