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NUT Charter for School Direct

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NUT Charter for School Direct

NUT Charter for School Direct

The NUT has produced a guide on your rights and expectations as your start your School Direct course. The charter offers helpful advice on what you can expect before and during your course and how the NUT can assist you as you start your teaching career.

If you believe that your school or training provider is not meeting these minimum expectations then you should raise your concerns immediately:

  • speak with your NUT representative or local secretary. If you do not know who your representative or local NUT officer is, then please call our Adviceline for advice and assistance on 020 3006 6266

  • speak with other School Direct trainees and make them aware of this document. The NUT can help organise a meeting so you and other new teachers can talk about your experiences and start making positive changes

  • go to for more information and advice about starting out in teaching.”

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