Sixth form college teachers

The NUT represents about 4,000 teachers in the 93 sixth form colleges in England and leads the teacher unions in national negotiations with the Sixth Form Colleges' Association. NUT representatives and members also campaign to defend sixth form colleges from the severe cuts to 16-19 funding since 2010. To find out what you can do to support the campaign click here .

6th form teachers

Sixth Form Colleges - New Pay Agreement

Sixth Form Colleges - New Pay Agreement

It has been agreed that scale points 1 to 6 will be increased by 2% from 1 September 2017 and all other scale points and allowances will be increased by 1% from the same date. The new pay scales and the staff side statement can be found below:

Pay Scales 2017-18
Pay Scales 2017-18 – Previous Structure

Pay and progression framework in sixth form colleges

Full details of the new pay framework for sixth form colleges can be found here, including joint guidance documents and NUT advice to representatives and members.

Analysis of ALPS

Analysis of ALPS

An analysis of ALPS produced by the National Education Union’s NUT Section National Organising Forum for Sixth Form Colleges.

Stress survey in sixth form colleges

Stress survey in sixth form colleges

Joint statement on sixth form colleges and academy status

The SFCA as sixth form college employer representatives and three nationally recognised trade unions (ATL, NUT and UNISON) have agreed this joint statement on sixth form colleges and academy status.

NJC national agreement conditions of service handbook (November 2016 edition)

This is the national agreement on pay and conditions of service for teachers in sixth form colleges, also known as the Red Book. It includes the new pay and progression framework.

Strike action – claim your reimbursement

Reimbursing Pay Deductions

Guidance on claiming reimbursement of inappropriate pay deductions for taking strike action can be found here.

A letter to members on the latest position on pay, workload and funding can be found here.

Advice on the previous pay framework in sixth form colleges

Click here to read the NUT’s advice documents on the previous pay and appraisal framework, which remains in place at a small number of colleges.

Sixth form college teachers workload and working time – NUT guidance

This guidance is intended to assist NUT members in sixth form colleges in achieving improvements to workload and working time arrangements.

NUT guide to teachers' pay and conditions (February 2017)

This NUT briefing gives guidance on the pay and conditions for teachers in sixth form colleges and highlights the main features of the national agreement and other relevant documents.

National joint council joint guidance

New joint guidance has been agreed with the sixth form college employers, on facilities time for trade union reps and on capability, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Classroom observation – NUT guidance for sixth form colleges

Guidance on classroom observation for teachers in sixth form colleges.

NUT guidance on local negotiating machinery (July 2005)

Pay and conditions of service for sixth form college teachers are negotiated at national level in the Committee for Teaching Staff of the NJC for Sixth Form Colleges.

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