National Voter Registration Drive (NVRD)

The NUT has partnered with campaign organisers, Bite The Ballot, aiming to build on the recording-breaking efforts of 2015 (when 441,696 people registered) and ensure that NVRD inspires tens of thousands more young people to register to vote and make their voices heard.

With important elections taking place in Wales, London and across England, NVRD is an opportunity to inspire school and sixth-form college staff and students to become active changemakers.

NUT National lobby of Parliament – 18 November 2015

On the day of the lobby we will meet at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster – 5 minutes walk from parliament. The Centre will be open from 9.30am until 2pm for lobbyists to register and pick up lobby materials. A map and directions are available here. It’s a good idea to travel with other lobbyists from your area – your NUT Division Secretary or Regional Office can tell you who else from your area is attending.

Tackling Stress

- An examination of the nature and extent of stress in the teaching profession; and - guidance on tackling stress for local NUT casework officers, health and safety advisers and school safety representatives.

DFE Teacher Workload Diary Survey 2013

This was most recently undertaken in 2013. The results show an astonishing increase in the hours that teachers were working while Michael Gove was the Secretary of State for Education. The amount of hours teachers are working remains unsustainably high.

The average primary teacher is now working nearly 60 hours per week, only slightly behind the average primary head teacher at 60.2 hours, and an increase of 9 hours per week since 2010. Secondary head teachers average 63 hours and the average secondary classroom teacher is working nearly 56 hours a week, nearly 6 hours a week more than in 2010. This is simply unsustainable.

Many thousands of good teachers are leaving the profession and education is being damaged as a result.

This is an issue that should concern everyone. Our children deserve enthusiastic, energetic teachers, not overworked and stressed ones.

An NUT/YouGov survey of the teaching profession, published in January 2014, showed that two-thirds of teachers (63%) said that more than a fifth of their workload does not directly benefit children’s learning. This cannot be a proper use of teacher time. Teachers need to be free to concentrate on their lessons, not spending excessive time compiling evidence that they are doing their job or planning or collecting data to a degree which does not support learning.

Other Key findings from the DfE Survey

  • For a primary classroom teacher, 19 hours of teaching per week generates a massive 22.6 hours of planning, preparation and assessment.  For secondary classroom teachers the planning/assessment time is only slightly less than the teaching time.
  • Both primary and secondary classroom teachers work the equivalent of a day every weekend (nearly 8 hours for primary and more than 6 hours for secondary). Both categories also work nearly a day per week during the time before school and after 6pm (over 6 hours for primary and almost 6 hours for secondary).
  • Despite the provision in teachers’ contracts that they should not routinely undertake clerical and administrative tasks, on average primary classroom teachers are spending over 4 hours per week on this inappropriate work, and secondary classroom teachers over 2 hours.

Learning Walks Model Policy

Where learning walks take place, they should do so in accordance with the NUT/NASUWT classroom observation protocols for England and Wales which state that there should be a limit of a total of 3 observations for all purposes , with total time not exceeding 3 hours per year. Within these limits, the NUT learning walks model protocol sets out how learning walks should be organised.

16-19 Funding

The Government’s plans for 16-19 funding will mean further real terms cuts of 8% over the next four years, following cuts of 14% in real terms under the Coalition Government.  This will translate into further cuts in courses and teaching time and growth in group sizes.  This briefing sets out the full facts on 16-19 funding.


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NUT commentaries on NAHT and ASCL model pay policy and guidance

The Union has produced useful guidance on the NAHT model pay policy and the ASCL pay guidance. You can access the relevant documents below:

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