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Privatisation Update – December 2018

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Pay, pensions & conditions

Welcome to the pay, pensions and conditions section. For details of the latest news on pay scales, pension rates and conditions of service for teachers in all areas of education, please click one of the links below.

JNCTRE National Agreement

This is the updated 2014 version of the JNCTRE national agreement setting out the pay and conditions for teachers paid under the JNC for Teachers in Residential Establishments together with guidance and the official joint circular.

Action Short Of Strike Action – How To Make It A Success

This guidance has been developed for division and association secretaries to assist in building upon the early victories which have been achieved as part of the campaign.

It includes guidance about the implementation of the action instructions and some questions and answers to help with responding to members’ queries. It will be updated as further issues emerge.

Pay policy checklist

The NUT’s model pay policy and pay policy checklist are fully consistent and compliant with the provisions of the 2016 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document.

The NUT Model Pay Policy can be downloaded here pdf

Explanatory guidance on the content of the policy can be downloaded here pdf

The NUT pay policy checklist can be downloaded here pdf

The NUT model pay policy follows the structure of the DfE policy. Adoption of the policy in schools will protect members against the worst effects of the Government’s changes to the teachers’ pay structure.

Contact your school representative or division secretary if you need more information about the adoption of the NUT Model Pay Policy in your school.

Pressuring Politicians

Pressure on politicians is beginning to deliver results.

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