Mosaic – victims of Nazi persecution

The NUT and the Holocaust Educational Trust worked together to produce online resources that are intended to help address some of the most common misconceptions about Nazi ideology which arise in different victim groups. Who was persecuted, How and Why? These teaching materials which are aimed at secondary school pupils include a powerful collection of case studies, focusing on the persecution by the Nazis of different groups of people. Case studies include experiences of trade unionists and the persecution of black people, persons with disabilities, Poles, Soviet PoWs, Gay men and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Guidance notes for teachers are also included.

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Persecution of Poles

Soviet Prisoners of War
  • Nazi persecution of Soviet Prisoners of War - Teachers' notes
  • Nazi persecution of Soviet Prisoners of War - poster
  • Konstantin Alexandrovich Shilov - postcard

Persecution of Gay Men

Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Persecution of Black People
Persecution of Trade Unionists
Disabled people and the Euthanasia Programme
Persecution of Gypsies and the Porrajmos
Jews in Hungary
Paul's journey
Martin and Erica's Journey
  • Martin and Erica's Journey - leaflet
  • Martin and Erica's Journey - notes