Westminster or Cardiff, Welsh schools are underfunded

Westminster cuts to the Welsh Government’s budget over recent years have severely impacted on public services. With the way Wales is funded, future plans to cut public spending by the Westminster Government will only reduce the money available for

Welsh schools. Welsh schools have long been underfunded. The last available figures showed a £604 per pupil funding gap between Wales and England and that is likely to have grown.

The General Election is a chance to ensure proper funding for education and all public services in Wales. NUT Cymru will be calling on all candidates to ensure Wales gets the money it needs to tackle concern over school cuts.

What you can do:

  • Ask every candidate to pledge to oppose school cuts.
  • Ask them to send a message of support to the school funding cuts campaign.
  • Ask them to campaign for fairer funding for Wales and to call on the Welsh Government to ring-fence that money for education.